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Christmas Wreaths and Advent Wreaths by Flor Unikon Flowers



Our seasonal wreaths for the front door and with candles for Advent are as popular as ever.  They are hand-crafted in the traditional manner using wire and natural materials such as Christmas tree branches, berries, dried fruits, nuts and cinnamon sticks.


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Advent wreath with burgundy 'rustic candles' 35cm, £52.00





 Advent wreath 30cm, pine cone, small apple. £42.00, 40cm £52.00



Country garden wreath 25cm

with eucalyptus and twigs. £30.00

Nobelis wreath 30cm, apple slizes, willow, £32.00

Wreath on twigs 30-35cm, orange slizes, cinamon, cones. £30.00

We decorate our wreaths in the traditional manner, with an aim to create a sense of harmony and calmness in each decorative display. For example, each individual decoration is carefully placed amongst the natural branches, rather than perched on the surface like a cake decoration.

Advent wreath with 'rustic candle'
35cm £57.00/ 40cm £62.00
You can select your wreath either from the range illustrated on this page or specifically order the size colours and decorations that suit your individual taste.

All our wreaths can be delivered
 across the globe. They make ideal corporate and personal gifts for your clients and loved one's.

xmas_wreath_with_berries_and _pine_cones
Door wreath 45cm, with cones, berries and eucalyptus. £55.00
Willow wreath apr. 30cm,

Nobelis wreath with Ilex and cones
40cm. £45.00

Wreath 35cm, orange slizes, small apple, pine cones, Ilex. £39.00

We love the tradition of lighting the Advent candles. Purple is the preferred colour by many religious traditionalists. For us as Scandinavians white and red are the traditional colours. We stock a range of shades to suit your taste.


Advent wreath 35cm, cinamon, pinecone, apple slices. £45.00

Christmas table decorations and arrangements

Nobelis. Pine and Cympidium
, £35.00
Candle arrangement with natural green in vintage vase£35.00

We use natural materials such as pine cones, crab apples, eucalyputus and nobelis stems; and quality candles in colours that accent and/or harmonise the general decoration. The vases or containers that house the decoration are selected from our retro and vintage collection.
You can also bring your own bowl or vase for us to decorate.

Arrangement for the Christmas table

 Learn to make a seasonal wreath with us

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