Klaus Haappaniemi and Iittala

We were quite honoured recently to preview a brand new ceramic collection designed by Klaus Haappaniemi and produced by Iittala.  The magical designs for ‘Tanssi’ were originally used for a beautifully costumed Opera, ‘A Cunning Little Vixen’. All the animals featured have their own individual costume that take in the colours of the forest and autumnal shades.

Our brief for a special launch event in central London was to create natural vase arrangements that captured the spirit of Klaus’s designs and to bring out their vibrant tones. We were very happy with the finished design that featured tropical flowers as well as more traditional European blooms.

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Marylebone Interiors Day at Skandium

Marylebone Interiors Day aims to capture the design spirit of London by offering art and design Students the chance to display their crafts and designs in one of London’s premier design districts.

We were lucky to meet the very talented Zoe Bailey who had designed a ‘Knitted Plastic Bench’ using a recycled pallet, cardboard and plastic bags. It was tailor made for Skandium on Marylebone High Street, i.e. two of the bench legs were shortened so they could be placed on their front door step, and the other legs left longer so they could rest on the pavement below. Its plastic knitted texture tempted visitors to try out the bench for themselves – we can vouch for it being very comfortable.

Meanwhile, inside Skandium there was story time for Children to celebrate the soon to be released Moomin film, ‘Moomins on the Riveria’ and a wide range of Moomin-themed products to browse; plus many celebrated Scandinavian Design companies were offering discounts on selected products.

And back outside, Moomin was greeting visitors to the store, offering hugs to the young and old alike. He fell in love with our Moomin inspired bouquets made from plump Peonies and Birch leaves by our Floral Designer Paul.

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Flor Unikon Workshops

Flor Unikon offer a wide range of workshops for the novice and the professional Florist. For example, students can learn to create a wreath using a traditional weaving technique,

a bouquet for their wedding or for general decoration, a vase arrangement using a variety of flowers and greenery and a variety of seasonal table decorations.

Group Flower Workshops: are a fun and informal way of learning a range of floristry techniques, with plenty of opportunity to practise and complete your own individual floral design/creation. We offer a voucher scheme where you can purchase a workshop place for a friend or loved one.

Our workshops can also be tailored to suit the setting or level of expertise - ‘Hen flower parties’ are a sober but fun alternative to a boozy night out with girls; and ‘Corporate Team Building Events’ offer each student an opportunity to get creative with flowers, and quality time to help each other achieve the task in hand.

Individual Floristry Training Courses are ideal for students who prefer to work at their own pace, develop new skills and deepen their understanding of flowers and plants.

Our next set of Flower workshops are at Anthropologie ‘A Blossoming Arrangement’, Tuesday 19th May.

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Klaus Haapaniemi with Flor Unikon at the London Design Festival

The London Design Festival brings together an array of artists and designers, some of whom have never had their work exposed in such a public way. For LDF 2014, Flor Unikon was invited by the Finnish Ambassador to create a series of Floral designs to sit alongside the work of Finnish Designer, Klaus Haapaniemi.

Since 2010 Klaus has been successfully selling his work from his chic showroom in Shoreditch, East London. Like many Finnish artists/designers he draws inspiration from nature; this is evident from his collection of beautifully illustrated fabrics.

Flor Unikon’s Floral Designer, Pasi Jokinen-Carter, carefully selected the flower varieties, and their textures and colours with an aim that each of his designs should blend harmoniously with Klaus’s fabrics.

Pasi wanted each arrangement to be naturalistic, simple and to be admired for their beauty.

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Scandinavian Pop Up Exhibition, 6th-29th June 2014

Flor Unikon Flowers is pleased to be part of The Scandinavian Exhibition, hosted by the Design Junction, at Habitat’s, Platform Gallery on the King’s Road, Chelsea. The entire gallery has been transformed into a Scandinavian inspired Forest with various branded Scandi furniture, lighting, vases, and other domestic objects on display.

Flor Unikon have a large portfolio of private and corporate clients and love to decorate people’s homes and galleries with their own Floral Designs and nature inspired creations. Their brief for the Scandinavian Pop Up was to fill the space with lush planting to enhance the Forest theme of Birch Trees and natural soundscapes of birds and wildlife. Using cut tree branches and seasonal flowers they placed, very natural arrangements!, into cast iron planters. These cauldron like vessels, designed by Swedish/Danish designers Friends and Founders, form part of their 2014 furniture collection, characterised by modern design with classic elements. 

Throughout the exhibition Flor Unikon’s Designers, Pasi and Paul, will be leading a series of Vase Decoration workshops inspired by the Forests and natural planting of Europe. It is wise to book early as places are limited to 25 delegates per workshop. Course times and dates are: 14th, 21st and 28th June from 11.00-12.30; and priced at a very reasonable fee of £30. Please phone the Flor Unikon Workshop for more details and to organise payment, 0207 837 3233.

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Funeral Wreaths

For centuries, as far back as Ancient Greece in fact, the symbolic gesture of wreaths has represented a circle of eternal life. In the past their construction would have been simple greenery, e.g. Laurel to represent achievement and status in life and Oak leaves for wisdom. Since the Victorian period the use of flowers has come to represent life and resurrection. Specific flowers and their hues were used to convey a particular sentiment, e.g. Roses: red for passion and strength of feeling, white for innocence and yellow for love; and blue stems for faithfulness and hope.

This colourful wreath contains fresh apples and Freesias – both represent friendship.

As the wreath above illustrates, more exotic stems can be used to create a decorative memorial. We used Phalaenopsis to illustrate innocence and Tulips for perfect love.

We love to use perfumed flowers, e.g. in the above arrangement we added Mint, which represents virtue and reflected the character of the recent deceased.

This summer wreath contains a host of seasonal flowers in pretty pink’s and red’s. In the language of flowers the former represents grace and elegance.

Thistles not only create a rustic appearance but look very elegant nestled amongst the other English garden flowers.

We used Jasmine stems to create an elegant finish to the white Rose, Phlox and Campanula arrangement.

Snow Berries, Mint, Ivy and Veronica help to create a rustic but peaceful memorial wreath.

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Flor Unikon Flowers – the team and workshop

Introduction to Flor Unikon Flowers

Flor Unikon Flowers has recently entered its seventh year of trading in the cool, trendy design district of Clerkenwell, London. Flor Unikon’s founder and Director, Pasi Jokinen-Carter, conducted a lot of research into the trading trends across London before finally settling on Amwell Street, EC1. Pasi fondly recalls that back in March 2007 “there were a lot of vacant shops I could have chosen but they were either in areas that appeared to be down-trading or had very little customer appeal”. He finally chose Clerkenwell, famously synonymous for original design and creativity, for its individuality and creative edge. Pasi felt inspired by what he saw, “I was captivated by the sheer number of talented designers whose ethos mirrored my own, i.e. creating designs that are highly original and personal”.

Flor Unikon Flowers – voted London’s Best Florist

The Flower workshop at 44 Amwell Street, EC1R 1XS, is a glamorous showcase for the floral creations produced by Flor Unikon’s talented team of designers – Brigitte, Pasi and Paul. Their clients have come to expect the very best in floral design and therefore it isn’t surprising that Flor Unikon has been voted London’s Best Florist by ‘Time Out’ Magazine,

Flower Deliveries

Flor Unikon offers a same day flower delivery service of bouquets and plants to most London postcodes and across the globe with at least three days notice in advance.

Floral Decoration and gardening for events and functions

Flor Unikon’s clients often give them a free reign in choosing flowers for their weddings, funerals/memorials, parties and for corporate functions. It offers a free in-house and on-site consultation service to potential business and private clients for gardening and seasonal or themed floral decoration.

Flower Installations and Contracts for Corporations and Media Companies

Many corporate and media clients have chosen Flor Unikon Flowers to decorate their reception and office areas with flowers and plants. They offer a one-off service as well as regular weekly and bi-monthly flower contracts to private clubs, hotels, restaurants, event companies, art galleries, tv/film production sets and luxury brands.

The World’s Most Expensive Wreath

Back in December 2013 Flor Unikon, along with veryfirstto a PR and promotions company, promoting luxury brands, and top society Jeweller, 77diamonds created the most glamorous and expensive Christmas wreath the world has ever seen. It contained natural greenery sourced from Pasi’s home country, Finland and an array of precious gems. The global media coverage was astounding, including this write up in the Lady Magazine and the newspaper Daily Mail.

Flor Unikon – Flower Reviews

Flor Unikon’s designers pride themselves on their attention to detail and customer service. Their flower customer reviews certainly speak volumes, here is a selection from direct2florist

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Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only one week away and we are already taking an incredible amount of advance orders for Valentine bouquets and floral arrangements.

In romantic courtships the choice of flowers and certain colours has come to symbolise – adoration, faith, hope and of course love and seduction. Unfortunately certain superstitions regarding the choice of blooms, colours and the numbers to be used in bouquets still worry our customers. In our opinion the actual gesture of giving a bouquet or even a single stem is romantic in itself; with such a wide spectrum of colours and varieties available these days why not give whatever you feel your beloved will like best?

Keeping the aforementioned advice in mind here is our lighthearted guide to choosing the appropriate flowers for your Valentine:

Red Roses – the symbol of England and love. One of the most popular flowers given on Valentine’s Day (and throughout the year) to celebrate romance and love.

Red Tulips – a popular choice since the Victorian period to declare one’s love.

Calla Lillies – Although associated with funerals the simple Calla lily also symbolises grace, elegance and beauty and given as an expression of our true feelings.

Orchids – associated with beauty and seduction and therefore an ideal flower for demonstrating passionate love or celebrating the love of your life.

Iris - symbolises faith and hope and therefore often given in courtship and to celebrate a romance.

Sunflowers- represents loyalty, adoration and longevity. These are ideal qualities for a loving relationship which makes this simple bloom an alternative choice for Valentine’s Day.

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Wiltshire – a summer story

Winter is upon us and as the temperature plummets we are reminded of the warmer days of our summer break in Wiltshire.  We enjoyed exploring its villages and countryside, and returned to London feeling inspired and refreshed.

We loved the wild cottage gardens with lavender bushes growing lavishly amongst the Hibiscus.

With every tree and shrub in full bloom, the sheep happily grazing it was a real treat for the eyes and ears.

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‘Fleur Amour’ Alden Beisen, September 2013

On a sunny weekend in September we embarked on a Floristry pilgrimage to ‘Fleur Amour’, an annual floral exhibition hosted by Belgian’s Cultural Centre, Alden Beisen. Set in the Flemish village of Rijkhoven, Alden Beisen, a 16th century turreted castle, is a magical setting for this highly creative event.

Willow stems and Gladiolus formed into turreted designs and placed on a shell-like base [above].

We were very impressed by the scale and creativity of each design. Some exhibits filled entire rooms. Others were small enough to be placed on tables or chairs. Was it possible that the castle had cast a ‘creativity’ spell on each designer? Spell or no spell, many of the fantastical arrangements delighted and inspired us to create our own ‘floristry’ magic.

These stems appear to have been placed into a block of ice – making this a chic wintery design [above]; From winter to Spring – flower filled egg shells and floating mini apples [below].

This magical woodland seat would be an ideal objet for a fairytale wedding. We love the way the fruits and flowers frame and cascade across the tree stumps [below].

Gloriosa drawn across a wooden web frame the castle grounds beautifully [below].

A fairy-like forest of Silver Birch and miniature apples [below].

A floral window frames the magical chair garden [below].

A fashion statement of Roses, Amaranthus and Bells of Ireland [above]; Hydrangea dress [below].

Two very different approaches to Floral design, The Designer’s Guild floral tribute [above]; Flower horseshoe [below].

These floral domes and garlands add grace and style to the castle’s grand chapel [below].

This Harvest design filled the entire breadth and width of one of the castle’s guest rooms [below].

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