Autumn Floral Decoration with Flor Unikon Flowers- for your meetings, parties and dining events.

Autumn flower varieties and colours

As Summer moves towards Autumn the colour palette of nature gives the Floral Designer a spectrum of burnt and rust shades of orange, red, yellow and brown to work with. Flor Unikon’s floral designers love to work with the appropriate varieties and colours of the current season, e.g. Berries, Chrysanthemums, Holly, Oak leaves, Physalis (Chinese Lanterns), Sunflowers. The vase creation above was made for an event at the Goldsmith’s Centre, London.

Flor Unikon’s naturalistic approach means they will only use stems that are naturally coloured/discoloured, i.e. not sprayed artificially, and ever-greens to provide a contrast to the brighter floral hues.

Autumn Events

Flor Unikon are currently busy decorating for a series of events in both the hospitality and corporate world. Their aim, as always, is to bring life and colour to corporate meeting rooms/boardrooms and minimalist dining rooms.

Booking flowers for your event

If you are planning an event and want some advice on how to decorate the meeting/functions rooms with flowers and plants please give Flor Unikon a call on 0203 701 8774 for London and +351 910 636 518 for Portugal. Their event team will co-ordinate with the staff at your venue regarding delivery and collection. You may wish to consider the following points prior to your initial conversation:

Corporate branding – Flor Unikon will aim to match the team/company colours where possible, and use flower varieties that will enhance the product or brand.

Style – formal or relaxed?, Flor Unikon will create a bespoke arrangement that blends in well with the environment, your company image and product.

Size, location and quantity – it’s also important to consider how much free space is in the room for placing flower vases, pedestals etc.

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Flor Unikon’s Studio at Craft Central – Clerkenwell, London

Flor Unikon’s new home, Studio 5 at Craft Central

Some of you who follow our regular Blog pages, Facebook and Twitter postings will know that we recently moved from our old premises in Amwell Street EC1 to a new studio at Craft Central, 21 Clerkenwell Green.

Craft Central is a series of studios and pop up spaces for new and current talent in the world of Jewellery, Stone Setting, Painting, Ceramics and general crafts.

The buzz of being amongst other designers and crafts people is very exciting for us. And luckily for us this has created a stream of new clients in the Corporate world and many bookings for our new programme of flower workshops. Pictured above, is Pasi, our leading Floral Designer, in discussion with one of our private clients.

We prepare all of our corporate and private work in our studio – here (see below) we are getting ready for a wedding that took place in London’s iconic building, The Gherkin. The flowers were wrapped for practical purposes, i.e. to protect the petals from breaking during transportation.

Our Studio is a showcase for our flowers, many are varieties that you won’t commonly find elsewhere. We arrange them creatively in vases to inspire our potential clients.

We also offer group and private workshops for hen parties, corporate staff events, and for  hobbyist and professional Florists. Pictured below, are two Public Relation employees who wanted to learn how to create floral decorations for their company’s future work events.

Flowers for your home or office can be delivered daily, weekly or as often as you like. We also hire our vases for floral displays and so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your own bespoke creation.

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer in terms of floral design, whether its for a private event or an official function please call us on 0203 701 8774 to make an appointment.

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Birthday Flowers by Flor Unikon

Flowers for birthday gifts by Flor Unikon

The tradition of celebrating birthdays is a world-wide phenomenon for both children and adults alike. Most of us love the mystery and joy of unwrapping birthday gifts but it seems that flowers are still a welcome addition to this special celebration.

Selecting the perfect birthday bouquet/arrangement from Flor Unikon

It is worth considering the taste and life style of the person you are buying flowers for. The following points may help you to order the perfect birthday bouquet:

*Each month has a flower that symbolizes the month of somebody’s birth. The recipient       will appreciate the effort you have made if you select their particular birth flower.

*Contemporary bouquets/arrangements are a good match for young adults/young at heart   and folk who love clean lines, interesting shapes and a minimalist colour palette/variety     of flowers, e.g. ideal for Architects, Fashion and Interior Designers.

*Classic floral designs are still fashionable and can be created using the favourite                     flowers/colours of the recipient, e.g. Roses are ideal as they are available in a wide palette   of colours.

*Wild/Rustic for lovers of the countryside and with a relaxed out look on life.

* Flowers with a scent can enhance the completed floral creation, e.g. Dill and Mint have        subtle but pleasant aromas that may be less allergic than the perfume of Roses and                Lillies.

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Flower workshops, Autumn/Winter 2016

Paul and Pasi from the Flor Unikon Flower School are pleased to announce their Autumn/Winter programme of workshops.

All their workshops will take place at Craft Central, St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DS. For e.bookings please email, or to book over the phone please call, 0203 701 8774.

Bouquet making

You will learn the key skills for making the perfect bouquet, i.e. preparing the flowers, cutting them in the correct manner, creating the spiral bouquet and how to take care of the finished product.

Course fee, £60 – includes the teaching, materials and the finished product to take home.

Tuesday, 11th October, 6-8pm

Seasonal table decoration with flowers

You will learn a series of skills in order to make a seasonal table decoration, i.e. preparing and cutting the flowers, using floral foam to maintain the flowers, and how to create the perfect shaped arrangement.

Course fee, £60 – includes the teaching, materials and the finished product to take home.

Tuesday, 27th September, 6-8pm

Saturday, 22nd October, 3-5pm

Tuesday, 6th December, 6-8pm (Christmas table decoration)

Vase Decoration

You will learn a variety of ways for placing flowers in a vase, plus you will be taught a series of skills for creating the perfect vase decoration, i.e. selecting the variety and volume of flowers, preparing and placing them, and preserving the finished product.

Course fee, £60 – includes the teaching, materials and the finished product to take home.

Tuesday, 13th September, 6-8pm

Tuesday, 25th October, 6-8pm

Saturday, 29th October, 3-5pm

Wreath making

You will learn how to create a door wreath using the traditional weaving method, a straw base and Nobilis branches. During the second half of the course you will be taught how to decorate your wreath, with dried fruits and berries, using traditional and modern methods. The tutor will also demonstrate how you can create a table decoration for Advent, using the traditional four Advent candles.

*Course fee, £60 – includes the teaching, materials and the finished product to take home.

Saturday, 12th November, 3-5pm

Tuesday, 15th November, 6-8pm

Tuesday, 22nd November, 6-8pm

Tuesday, 29th November, 6-8pm

Saturday, 10th December, 3-5pm

*There is the option to make an Advent wreath with candles, but you will be charged an additional £10 to cover the cost of the four candles.

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Flor Unikon Flowers and Sandals Resorts Media Event

We were very pleased to be invited to create a series of wedding bouquets and button holes for Sandals Luxury Travel Store Media event in Fulham recently.

‘Luxury’ is the key word for describing the kind of holidays that Sandals can create for travellers who desire to experience some of the world’s most exotic and luxurious destinations such as Saint Lucia and Barbados.  And for engaged couples, who maybe looking for a wedding and honeymoon with a difference, Sandals can create a bespoke ‘WeddingMoon’ package that caters for all tastes and desires; from a pre-wedding spa package for both hens and stags, a fine dining wedding banquet, to the perfect fantasy holiday experience.

The moment you enter Sandals’ recently designed concept store you do feel you are entering a world of luxury and good taste. High quality furnishings and attention to fine detail give the budding traveller a taste of what they might expect from a Sandals Resort holiday.

We hosted our pop up Wedding stand at the Sandals Wedding Lounge. It is here that engaged couples normally meet with a Sandals Consultant to plan every detail of their wedding, from the hen and stag party, to the honeymoon destination.

Pasi, Flor Unikon’s leading Floral Designer, made a selection of Button holes using Orchid and Hydrangea stems.

Pasi also made a very delicate wedding bouquet using a mixture of exotic stems such as Kangeroo Paw, and the more traditional Astranthia.

And Floral Designer, Paul, designed a series of wedding vases using Avalanche Roses and Scabiosa, and single Hydrangea stems.

The wedding lounge is dressed in luxury, from sweeping chandeliers, to tasteful and relaxing settees.

The cup cakes were dressed simply, but beautifully, by Pasi using Orchid petals. They were deliciously tasty too.

Paul created a few exotic vases for the entrance and the bar area, using Anthuriums and Kangaroo Paw.

Champagne, chocolates, Rum and very tasty nibbles were on offer to all guests.

A big thanks to everyone at Sandals for hosting our pop up stand and for making this event a ‘taste of luxury’.

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Flor Unikon’s Floral Designs

Welcome to Flor Unikon Flowers

Our Clerkenwell based branch with us, Co-Directors Paul and Pasi.

What inspires us?

The natural landscapes from around the world inspire most designers including ourselves:

Flor Unikon’s designs for the art world

The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea

‘Nature’s Kiss’

‘Forest Mohican’

‘In the makeup studio!

‘Missy Butterfly and Frank Boy Stein’

‘Getting all mossed up’

‘Hair Razor’

‘Sassy blue and Grass Mohican’

‘Madonna Darli’

‘The build’

‘Battersea Power Station’

‘The London Eye’

‘Wig Wam preparation’

‘Wig Wams at Dusk’

Flor Unikon’s Corporate floral decorating service

‘Garlic Festival Dinner’

‘Award Ceremony Display’

‘Speech Day’

‘Post Speech Day Dinner’

‘Sculpture Garden Party’

Flor Unikon’s wedding decorating service

’1930′s Elegance’

‘Brides maids catching the bouquet’

Alvor in Portugal ‘Wild Flowers Wedding Bouquet’

‘Landscape Inspired Wedding Bouquet’

‘Country garden style bouquet’

Albuferra, Portugal’s Algarve resort ‘Beach inspired Bouquet’

‘Shell Decorations for a wedding banquet’

‘Dining table decoration’

‘Terrace Decoration for a Wedding Banquet’

Gherkin Wedding ‘Getting ready with the flowers’

‘Our flower helpers having far too much fun!!’

‘Loading up’

‘Transporting the flowers and us!!’

‘A blank canvas, despite the stunning views’

‘Registrar Vases’

‘Laying the dining tables’

‘Tables complete’

‘Reception vase – normal day to day display from other Florist’

‘Reception Vase for the Wedding ‘

Surrey Wedding ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream inspired wedding reception display’

‘All complete for the wedding guests’

Flor Unikon’s home floral decorating service

‘Dining table display’ and below ‘Shop window display’

‘Autumn display’

‘Cottage dining table display’

‘Cottage bedroom mirror display’

‘In the library’

‘Drinks cabinet display’

‘Entrance hall vase’

‘Dining table decorations’

‘Luxurious door wreath made from Blackberry bush stems, Skimmia, Nobilis pine, Holly, Ivy berries, and Helaborus flowers, value approx £250′

‘Door wreath with Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds – total value now 2.5 million!’

‘Finally – we don’t take ourselves too seriously’


‘The Fall’

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Flor Unikon Flower School: Spring Flower Workshops in Alvor – Portugal

The first in a series of seasonal Flower Workshops, led by Flor Unikon’s Flower School, was launched in April 2016 at Hotel, Pestana Dom Joao II, Alvor. Floral Designers, Paul and Pasi Jokinen-Carter, hosted two workshops, ‘Bouquet making’ and ‘Floral table decoration’ for a very international group of students, i.e. from Finland, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Most of the participants had never created any kind of arrangement with flowers before but despite this they managed to produce some very delicate bouquets and creative arrangements for the table.

Bouquet making demonstration

Pasi initially demonstrated how to create the perfect spiral, showed how to use greenery to enhance the bouquet and then went on to create a Spring creation. One of the students retorted, “You make it look so easy” but who then went on to make a pretty bouquet herself.

Making a bouquet with spring flowers

Then it was the student’s turn to create their own spring bouquet,

even Lucas, the youngest student in the group at eight months old, seemed to enjoy himself.

Floral table decoration – individual and group work

Each student prepared an individual decoration using spring flowers and then collaborated with a partner to create something much bigger and elaborate.

This is Victor and Silja preparing their creation

and their finished work!!

The preparation work of Sofia and Martin

and their finished creation.

Flor Unikon would like to thank Cilla, Jane, Lucas, Martin, Natasha, Silja, Sofia and Victor for their creativity and contributions and also a big thanks to the Pestana front of house staff who were extremely helpful and to the caterers for their generous servings of delicious refreshments.

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Countryside Wedding Flowers in the Algarve, Portugal

Spring weddings in Alvor

The Algarve is the perfect romantic location for celebrating your wedding or civil partnership. Flor Unikon’s Floral Designers recently decorated for two weddings in the pretty countryside of Alvor. They created rustic floral bouquets and table decorations that reflected not only the taste of the brides and their families but also the beautiful rural surroundings.

Bouquets and floral decorations with wild flowers

The brief from one bride and groom was to create a series of relaxed country garden styled bouquets and table centres that blended with the wild flower fields of Alvor.

As you can see from these stunning images, Flor Unikon’s team put together a very pretty collection of blooms for a very rustic wedding celebration.

Seasonal flowers in a countryside setting

A few days later Flor Unikon’s designers created a variety of bouquets and table decorations for another bride and her flower girls. Floral Designer Pasi, crafted a delightful bouquet, using the soft pastel shades of Ranunculus, Peonies and Astranthia – these varieties were chosen to match the subtle tones of the bridal dress and the very lush green of the Alvor countryside.

Flor Unikon’s designers were also asked to create a series of vibrant table decorations. The colours were carefully chosen to reflect the personalities of the bride and her lively family.  The result was a stunning collection of flowers featuring red Ranunculus, pink Roses and Tulips, purple Calla Lillies, and white Astranthia.

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Flor Unikon Flower Workshops, March 2016

Flor Unikon’s Spring flower workshops begin on Tuesday 8th March. Each course introduces the student to a range of Floristry skills led by the expert guidance of Flor Unikon’s Floral Designers, Pasi and Paul Jokinen-Carter and Ann Pochetti.

‘Spring Bouquets’, 8th March

Each student will learn how to create a Spring bouquet and learn techniques for handling flowers in the most natural way, i.e. without using wires; not always taught in mainstream floristry courses.

‘Vase decoration’, 15th March

This workshop will demonstrate how to decorate vases with a variety of seasonal flowers and how to care for them in the most natural and efficient way.

‘Wedding bouquet’ 22nd March

The traditional techniques of creating a wedding bouquet will be demonstrated in this workshop, with plenty of practice to create one’s own bouquet using a range of seasonal flowers.

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Flor Unikon Flower School and Flower Club

Flor Unikon’s Flower School is launched this Spring, 2016 in London and Algarve, Portugal. The London courses and workshops, hosted in Clerkenwell, will be led by the founder of Flor Unikon, Pasi Jokinen-Carter and leading Floral Designers, Paul Jokinen-Carter and Ann Pochetti.

Each workshop will follow a theme to complement the current season, e.g. ‘Making a Spring Bouquet’, Tuesday 8th March, using flowers such as Tulips and Hyacinths.

Flor Unikon hope to attract both novice and professional Florists to each workshop, for both there will be an opportunity to develop their skills further.

An exciting addition to their educational programme is the launch of the Flor Unikon Flower Club, starting on 29th March. The aim of this monthly group meeting is to develop floristry skills, under the guidance of a Flor Unikon Tutor, share ideas and most important, to have fun!

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