Mr Brainwash – London exhibition, August 2012

The first European solo exhibition of Mr Brainwash’s work was held this month at the Old Sorting Office in Bloomsbury.

‘Mr Brainwash’ is the artistic persona of film maker and Pop artist, Thierry Guetta; who has been hitting the streets of Los Angeles and more recently Paris, with his spray painted stencils and pop art inspired images.  His work continues to be sought after by art collectors and is much admired by street art enthusiasts; most certainly he captured the imagination of pop singer Madonna who commissioned him to design the cover of her 2009 greatest hits compilation CD.  He was also the subject of Banksy’s documentary, ‘Exit through the gift shop’ that became a hit at the Sundance Festival in 2010.

This latest display of work features iconic American and British legends, such as Mickey Mouse, made from recycled branded packaging; a life size London black taxi cab, cleverly packaged in a cardboard Corgi box; an oil painting featuring the mega stars David and Victoria Beckham, mimicking the portraiture of the 18th century; and a painting of our very own Queen Elizabeth II, smiling broadly with paint brush in hand, daubing the words, ‘God save the people’.  The latter work was emblazoned on the outside of the old sorting office building. Surely a clever marketing ploy to attract the public interest.

We were certainly wowed by this exhibition – feeling it truly demonstrated the breadth of Thierry’s imagination, his amazing creativity and passion for ‘Street pop art’.

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