Inspiration from nature

Across the centuries Artists and Designers have drawn inspiration from mother nature. For example, a landscape artist spending time in Scotland would probably incorporate not just the colours but also the shapes, smells and textures of the highlands in their next masterpiece.

We recently spent a few relaxing days amongst the lakes and forest life in Finland’s Tammela, two hours outside of Helsinki.  Living deep in the forest, with a glorious lakeside view from our summer house, helped to created a calm atmosphere for reflection and relaxation. We studied the fluidity of water from the lake, the lively display of countryside flowers, and the variety of forms/shapes of trees in the forest.  This in turn

inspired us to create new card designs,
e.g. the image of trees clustered together create a ceiling of foliage and colour that is not just majestic but magical too. Rather than create a carbon copy image of the photograph we added warm colours for an autumnal themed work.
Wild flowers are an excellent choice for an informal or country style wedding. The pink and white shaded flowers and the natural greenery that we gathered in the forest created an amazing colourful bouquet.
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