The Weather, the environment and the impact on our emotions

The elements of our weather all contribute to the well being of nature and our human existence. For example, the dawn sun stimulates nature’s creatures to wake up, its rays literally bring light to our soul, and gives hope for the day ahead. Where as the setting of the sun signifies it is time to slow down, relax, and prepare ourselves for sleep.

Starting from top left, ‘Forest Light’ I feel a sense of wonder that I have entered a magical kingdom. I love the way the shafts of light are played out against the forest trees.

In ‘Sunflowers at sunset’ I feel the sense of power that the setting sun has over the natural environment, i.e. putting the flowers to bed. It also evokes a sense of hope that the flowers will be alive and awake again tomorrow.

I adore sunflowers and in this image, the upright stems and the farmhouse background help to create a sense of domestic harmony. The fluffy clouds, stretched out against a marine blue sky bring to mind happy memories of childhood holidays spent in the English sunny countryside.

I love the feeling of drama and excitement in this rabid image of storm clouds gathering. My imagination has also gone wild here, e.g. the dark grey cloud, in the left hand corner, appears to have talons that are encircling the sky; in fact if you look closely the white gaps in the centre could even be a pair of eyes looking down on us with a doom-like expression.

In stark contrast this peaceful reflection of nature could almost be an image from a children’s fairy tale. As children we loved to disturb the reflections in our local pond by skimming stones or creating whirlpools with a stick. Nowadays I simply love to reflect on the images in front of me. In this example, taken in France, I have captured the reflection of white fluffy clouds caressing trees in full foliage, thereby creating a sense of harmony and stillness.

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