Flor Unikon hosts ‘Looking Good, Feeling Great’ with Sandra Hutton-Miller, 12th May 2012

Television presenter/Stylist guru, Sandra Hutton-Miller is currently filming a new on-line television programme, ‘Looking Good, Feeling Great’ for Croydon tv. As a big fan of our floristry work she wanted to film at our workshop for the summer/autumn season of programmes.

Sandra began today’s show by confessing how fresh flowers have always been an inspiration and contribute to her feeling good about herself.  She shared with us her inspired choice of blooms that reflect various aspects of her rich personality: sweet peas that are delicate and sensitive but consistent; sassy and voluptuous paeonies; and calla lilies, both colourful and vibrant.

Her interview with Pasi, our leading Florist, began by probing into his childhood inspiration to become a Florist and Gardener. He in turn took us on a journey back in time to the days of helping his grandfather develop new varieties of roses [aged 3], selling his mother’s garden flowers at the local market [at five years old], and becoming Finland’s youngest qualified gardener [19 years old]; and all the while creating an elegant bouquet for Sandra to admire and decorate her home.

Both Sandra and Pasi summed up today’s feature by talking about how flowers can contribute to our well being and health. Whether we buy them for ourselves to create a warm ambience at home or for others, fresh flowers create harmony and well being.

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