‘Get Hitched’ at Craft Central, 22nd-25th March 2012

This is our first collaboration with the amazing Craft Central, www.craftcentral.org.uk/a workshop space for craftsmen and women. We have attended many wedding shows in our time but never one with so many crafts people under one roof, i.e. jewellers, ceramic designers, hat makers, artists and fashion designers.

We were lucky to attend the preview evening along with future brides/grooms, and fans of the crafts people.  There were five floors of craft folk displaying their wares with many happy to discuss their creative process.

Kate Jones produces unique intricate handmade luxury knitwear. Celebrities such as Jemima Khan love her fashion range, and so do we. Her bridal-ware range offers an alternative to what we have come to expect from standard wedding attire.  www.katejonesknitwear.com

The lace ceramics of Janet Stahelin Edmondson are a firm favourite of ours. A bride who wishes to retain her wedding costume can have part of the material/pattern crafted into a beautiful china show piece. What a wonderful memento!! www.janetstahelin.co.uk

Jan Knibbs hand embroidered products are perfect for bridal wear, e.g. they dress the hair, the face and shoes and have a wild gypsy flavour. Inspired by nature Jan incorporates floral shapes into her designs using appliqué, ribbon embroidery and beadwork. www.janknibbs.com

The wonderful new collection of milliner Rachel Black has arrived. Her range of hats is varied and therefore appeals to a cross section of tastes. www.rachelblackmillinery.co.uk

Jeweller, David McLoughlin fashions his creations using reformed metals, reclaimed gemstones and other articles. We believe his craftsmanship is outstanding. www.davidmcloughlin.co.uk

We decorated the front windows of Craft Central with orchid stems wired to tree branches, cherry blossom trees, and wild flowers in vases produced by Janet Stahelin Edmondson. We even transformed a plain basement sink with hydrangeas, anemonies, and cherry blossom stems. Finally, Jasmine and campanula plants graced the entrance and hallway.

This event has been a great opportunity for meeting talented craft folk and designers.  A big thanks to Sarah and the rest of the team for making tonight a success.

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2 Responses to ‘Get Hitched’ at Craft Central, 22nd-25th March 2012

  1. nina george says:

    Love the photo’s. Really enjoyed being a part of it. Met some interesting people and contacts.

  2. Jan Knibbs says:

    Really enjoyed being part of such a lovely show and met some amazing people too. Thanks for your comments – like the wild gypsy idea.

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