Affordable Art Fair [AAF], Battersea Park, 15th-18th March

Our fifth edition for decorating the Battersea venue and working with the great team at AAF. In the external space we placed lush campanula and primula obconica plants bursting out of fruit crates and off set with painted frames [purple and bright red] positioned at odd angles to create an interesting piece ‘Nature Framed’.  For the inner spaces we used painted canvases with planted alliums that appeared to be growing out of the textured pallet of purple and reds. We feel this season we have produced one of our most colourful creations – with the finished work really standing out against the white building and green fabric grass.

This spring’s event really did have many stunning pieces of art and sculpture, including: Anne Gardiner’s atmospheric ‘Yellow trees reflected in Le Loir’; The ceramics of Sarah J. Crouch are amazing, with influences from native American and Aboriginal art. We loved her animal designs,; Thetextured paintings of Alan Watson are extremely powerful and alive, ‘Surf’ was one of our favourites,; Amanda Popham whose exhibition in Bath we really enjoyed, displayed an amazing collection of magical sculptures hosted by the Rostra and Rooksmoor gallery,; finally the work of Linda Smith really stood out from the crowd. Her designs of men in suits and shirts, although at first glance appear ordinary have a unique style and energy,

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