London Fashion Week: Rodnik Band Tea Party at the Mayfair Hotel, 21st February 2012

This evening the plush dining room of the Mayfair hotel threw open its doors for Philip Colbert’s fashion label, The Rodnik Band. What a treat to preview a collection that was partially inspired by our very own Duchess, Kate Middleton and sister Pippa, and other colourful creations influenced by British iconic imagery such as the Beefeater, telephone box, the black taxi, fried eggs and the infamous red route master buses.

Philip’s ‘live’ mannequin like models, patiently posed whilst us tea party revellers [loyal fans, designers, the press and bloggers], closely eyed up the new designs and tried to take the best shots for twitter feeds and blogs.  Our favourite pieces were the route master bus handbags and the ‘boiled egg in cup’ dress, with flaps to accentuate the curves al la Pippa Middelton.

We were later led through to the private cinema for the screening of two featurettes. The first, ‘Its Corgi time’ is a fun cartoon with animated singing corgis and Queen Victoria crowned as the Queen of the Rodnik Band, interspersed with live action images of models wearing Philip’s creations. And the second, ‘A Royal Fitting‘ (video) is a spoof fashion encounter with the Duchess Pippa and Kate Middleton, played by spooky lookalikes, Gabriella Douglas and Hannah Williams. Both pose in his Beefeater and Boiled Egg dresses,whilst Philip seems to endlessly measure the ‘famous’ Middleton bottom.

Philip describes his creative process, “My work walks a humorous line between fashion and art. For me humour is a powerful tool to push understanding and encourage a thoughtful approach to clothing”. This is certainly evidenced in his fun creations and his unpretentious attitude to the fashion industry.

A big thanks to Annalisa for inviting us to this creative evening.

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