Marylebone High Street Christmas Shopping Evening, 16th November

The village of Marylebone is one of London’s delightful treasures. To experience its chic boutiques, independent coffee bars and smart restaurants is something very special indeed. We therefore felt quite priviliged to be asked by Skandium, a contemporary furniture and household department store , to take part in this year’s Christmas shopping event.  Our brief was to create a seasonal decorative setting in Skandium’s porchway, in our usual Scandinavian style.  On the external walls we hung a wide selection of Christmas door wreaths – decorated with dried fruit slices, berries, crab apples, nobelis, and eucalyptus leaves; and in the porch niches we placed advent wreaths and table decorations made with red Ilex berry stems, eucalyptus and nobelis.  The overall effect was colourful and warmly inviting. This was proven by the number of visitors who not only admired our creations, and brought them, but were tempted to seek out the interior delights of Skandium.

Trade was also brisk for the heavenly Rococo Chocolatiers ; the delightful cakes of Patisserie Valerie  were walking out the door in their droves; and who could fail to be tempted by the scrumptious sausages provided by the Jolly Hog and Sausage Company

Parents patiently queued with their over excited offspring to handover this year’s list of desired toys to a larger than life Santa, enthroned in his tent like grotto.  The entertaining fantasy characters provided by the charity, Rays of Sunshine was a welcome distraction for those expectant folk – the bright yellow sunshine Ray and the plump walking christmas pudding provided great photo opportunities for the very young, and young at heart.

By 6pm the street was buzzing with shoppers and stage revellers, and almost time for the grand finale. This year television and radio personality Lisa Snowden lit up the village sky with a string of simple but effect star shapes.  The biblical symbolism truly captured the spirit of the coming Christmas season.

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