Sunday 19th September, Street Dance on Amwell Street

On a sleepy Sunday afternoon the streets of Islington came alive with the dancing of local street performers. All participants were non professional, coached by Choreographer Anna Williams and members of the Lone Twin Dance Company. There were seven short mini dances, in and around the streets of the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, culminating in a finale outside our beautiful flower workshop on Amwell Street. Flor Unikon’s Pasi and Paul did their own unique dance, with movements based around their everyday work activities, that moved into a passionate Tango performance. The audience gave us an encouraging and warm reception, there were around 150 people for each dance set, who heartily clapped and cheered throughout four curtain calls.

Coincidentally the 19th was the 3rd Anniversary of our workshop opening. We therefore provided free wine and roses to members of the audience to help celebrate this great occasion. It was truly fantastic to see so many people congregating on Amwell Street after both dance sets. Some had never experienced Amwell Street before and commented how pretty the shops are; they were also very complementary about the beautiful Autumnal floral decorations that currently grace our windows.

A big thanks from us to Anna and to Lone Twin’s Greg and Gary for their encouragement and support leading up to the performance on Sunday.

Photos 3-8 by Ben Dowden

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