Speciality/ Fine Food & Chocolate Fair 2011

Sunday 4th September

A delightful  gastronomical experience on a wet  Sunday morning in Olympia, London.  This annual fair is an ideal way to meet and network with a wide range of food and wine producers.  We were looking for companies who produce excellent, luxury products that we could recommend for our event planning business and to produce our high quality hampers. We tasted the wares of many companies but those that really stood out  in terms of fine flavours and subtle packaging were:

Lyme Bay Winery, www.lymebaywinery.co.uk , based in Devon and holder of the Great Taste Award since 1994. We can appreciate why as their Country wines are outstanding. We tried their Quince, Ginger and Christmas selection, all very subtle with the flavours sparkling on the taste buds; Kuching Herbal, www.kuchingherbal.com, a Javanese tea company  who produce caffeine free herbal teas. The flavours are very subtle  with none of the aggressive after taste you usually find in green teas;  Feeding your imagination Limited, www.feeding-your-imagination.co.uk who have created some excellent Belgian chocolates with mood enhancing indulgence; uplifting, relaxing or soothing; their Christmas pudding range caters for all tastes, including a gluten free/vegetarian range; if we were to hand out awards for stylish packaging we would hand it to La Chocolate, www.lachocolate.co.uk  The chocolates are also delicious and look very luxurious in their mint green boxes;  Nobilis, a Hungarian producer of fruity crisps, www.nobilis.hu made from naturally dried fruits and covered in tempting chocolate.

We chatted at length to some Welsh food providers who collectively call themselves, Rural Foodies. They were very helpful in connecting us to their products: Aballu www.aballu.co.uk  who produce great Artisan chocolates and their neighbour, Going Home, www.goinghome.org.uk who have created some heavenly chocolate truckles [possetts of chocolate]. The profits raised from sales of their products help to fund the rescue and re-homing of horses.

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