Hampton Court Flower Show

Saturday 9th July

We love attending this world famous flower show as it is inspirational for us to be amongst such beauty and natural surroundings.  If ‘Britain has talent’ it surely must be in the field of landscaping.  We began our tour of this magical space by wandering amongst a series of natural gardens that took our breath away.

For our own gardening projects we were inspired by some of the amazing accessories on display: Kadai Fire bowls made from recycled metal are excellent for barbecues or even for planting purposes, www.kadai.co.uk ; J’s Pots and Potted Gardens have some beautiful stone and metal vessels for garden displays, www.jsgardens.co.uk ; and finally the natural reclaimed stone products of Camtex, www.camtexstoneproducts.co.uk

The gardens and the flower displays in the marquees were rather at odds

with each other.  It was like walking out of Eden in to a fairytale nightmare.

Nothing more to be said really.

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