Flor Unikon Flowers and Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose

We have been lucky to work with Alpha-H on a series of product launches. But you can imagine how excited we were to work with them again for the exclusive U.K launch of the Liquid Gold Rose limited edition; and this time ‘live’ on the QVC shopping channel.

Our brief for the QVC launch was to create pretty arrangements, using the right shade of pink Roses that matched the main ingredient of the skin care range, i.e. Liquid Gold Rose. We selected the variety known as ‘Celebrity’ for its lush colour and softness. Tom Ogden, Alpha-H’s European Business Manager, thought it would be fun to create button holes for each of the seven presenters. So we did, in fact we made a few extra, just incase any wilted under the harsh studio lights.

Alpha-H, a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare, creates groundbreaking cosmeceutical formulations that have become the missing link between current beauty products and invasive treatments.

Originally forumulated and sold in Australia, Alpha-H is now a global phenomenon, stocked in over 25 countries including luxury clinics, exclusive day spas, and cosmetic retail giants Marks and Spencer and Sephora.

Alpha-H’s best selling resurfacing treatment Liquid Gold has become a “cult” beauty classic with one being sold every minute of every hour. Harper’s Bazaar have been quoted as saying “It is bottled brilliance”.

The ingredients are highly concentrated and contain a balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients, including the famous Liquid Gold Rose.

Brand creator, Michelle Doherty sums up the importance of using her products,

“It is my belief that all women and men deserve to feel beautiful and confident within their own skin. Alpha-H was founded on the promise of replenishing and rejuvenating the skin through highly active professional skin treatments”.

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