Wedding Flowers at The Little Viet Kitchen

One of Islington’s dining gems, The Little Viet Kitchen recently played host to a Spring wedding reception with our flowers decorating the guest tables and bar.

This charming Vietnamese Restaurant, nestled amongst the bustling shops and stalls of Chapel Market, serves up a delicious variety of small-large plates of meats and fish marinated in home made broths and sauces. The Little Viet Kitchen’s creative team led by Dave and Thuy Pham-Kelly really care about what they create, and if you haven’t already sampled their wares, we are sure you won’t go hungry or be disappointed.

Thuy’s other passion is flowers especially meadow type blooms in pastel shades. We regularly supply her restaurant with petit vases filled with grasses and field flowers for her and her customers to enjoy whilst pondering over the menu and their delicious food. Therefore it was no surprise to us that we were asked to create a more elaborate display of chic, but exclusively, pastel flowers for a wedding reception.

To create height in the large vases for the bar we used pink Sweet William, Gypsophila and twigs and then added pastel pink Roses, cut at different lengths, to create a cloud effect. And for the petit vases and tea cups we used shorter stemmed pink Roses, Sweet William and Lavender. The completed set of vases created an elegant ambience for the wedding party.

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