Healing Garden Plants

We love to create gardens containing healing plants that benefit the environment and growers. By using organic fertilisers and home made compost the plants grow healthy and are immune from insects and diseases. 

Like many plants those with healing properties can be grown in a window box or planted in a larger space: Parsley has more vitamin C than oranges/lemons or any other fruit. It also contains large quantities of vitamin B and E, beta-carotene, iron. Parsley boosts the immune system, with positive effects on body functions such as the liver, spleen, digestion. It eliminates toxins and maintains healthy blood vessels and is also an antiseptic. Parsley can help neutralize addictions such as cigarettes and alcohol; Chamomile has calming, disinfecting and antiseptic benefits, amongst others. It is used for internal eliminations such as colonics. The gentle action on the bowels also has very postitive effects on the body and mind. More commonly it is used for tea infusions. Teas infused with Camomile make great bed time drinks and so perfect for insomniacs or someone suffering with stress. Lavender, dried flowers: relaxation, insomnia and stress reduction; beneficial for digestive disorders, headaches; mood enhancer. Lavender vinegar: treating colds and flu and perfect for rheumatic massage. Lavender oil: scalp massage – can strengthen hair roots and is used in perfumes Mixed with sunflower oil it becomes an insectiside and body protection against insects and used as an antiseptic.

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