Bouquets that celebrate special events.

From our London based Studio we make beautiful bouquets for those special events in the day-day lives of our customers  - whether it is, ‘Thank You’ flowers for one of their London clients;

or a bright arrangement (see picture below) to show support to an actor friend on their first night of a theatre performance;

or simply a statement that “I love you” (see picture below).

Roses can be for any occasion of course – this beautiful peach and pastel pink bouquet was sent to a lady who was coming out of hospital. These particular shades (see picture below) were selcted as they are her favourite colours.

This arrangement (see picture below), was ordered by a young man for his girlfriend who he regrettably couldn’t be with on her special birthday.

Another birthday gift, this was for a young woman whose work colleagues almost forgot that it was her special day. We did an express delivery for them and as you can imagine they were relieved and very happy we could do so.

This ice-cream palette of flowers was for someone’s graduation from law school.

We always try to match the variety of flowers, their hues and shades, and the style of arrangement to the taste of the recipient. Therefore when you are ordering flowers from us do let us know what you think your colleague or loved one would like to have in their home.

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