Flor Unikon Flowers at Max Mara

Max Mara Event, Saturday 19th November 2016

We recently co-hosted a customer event at the Weekend Max Mara’s store – Westbourne Grove. Max Mara customers were individually invited to preview the new winter collection, indulge in luxury confectionary and prosecco, and take part in wreath decorating with two of our Floral Designers, Paul and Jean.

Flor Unikon’s Autumn Decorations for Max Mara, Westbourne Grove

The brief was to create bright and cheerful arrangements to reflect the late Autumn season. In the front window we created a Autumn/Winter wreath using oak leaves to retain the Autumn theme, and using three shades of Ilex berries that show the gradual transition from the golden glow of ‘The Fall’ to the brightness of the Christmas season to come.

Along the central table we created cheerful vases of berries and apples. We also used wild greenery in order to blend in with Max Mara’s ethnic jewellery collection. Our new collection of wreaths also created a colourful foreground to the back-drop of stone coloured vases and statues.

We were particularly pleased with how well one of our Hydrangea wreaths took on the pattern of the Max Mara, Tricot Pasticcino bag.

The Max Mara mannequins this season are minimalist with just a hint of red lipstick – therefore we couldn’t resist placing one of our red apples wreaths behind this particular chic mannequin.

Max Mara Customers learn how to decorate a Flor Unikon Door Wreath.

Each customer had their own approach to decorating a wreath. Some just wanted to add a few stems of greenery to one of our pre-decorated wreaths and were overjoyed with the final result.

Others used a step by step method of placing the decorations first and then gluing them when they were satisfied with the final placement. One customer was so pleased with her wreath that she insisted on wearing her Max Mara wool broadcloth cape (purchased in-store earlier) to finish decorating it.

Wreath decoration is fun for all ages, from the very young…

…to the young at heart…

…and those folk in between.

A big thanks to  Sofia and her friendly Weekend Max Mara sales team for allowing us to be part of today’s event. We look forward to sharing future events with you all.

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