Luxury bouquets and vase arrangements by Flor Unikon Flowers

Flor Unikon can create the perfect luxury bouquet for that special person in your life. For both a stylish and luxurious arrangement their Floral Designers will use just a few varieties of flowers, a beautiful selection of greenery and a mixture of textures for visual interest.

You can make the recipient feel extra special by selecting their favourite flower varieties and colours. For this reason Flor Unikon’s designers always aim to source the blooms and hues of your choice.

Flor Unikon can also provide a stylish vase to accommodate your luxury bouquet. The above arrangement, a country garden selection, is contained in an organic vase to complement the rustic arrangement. Image – Craft Central, Clerkenwell.

The clear pear-shaped vase, see below, is the perfect container for taller varieties and ideal for displaying interesting stems, leaf textures and patterns. Image – Roof Gardens, Kensington.

The vase display below illustrates beautifully that ‘less is more’, meaning that with a very limited colour palette and flower varieties you can still create a very chic arrangement. The Snowberries and Ivy help to create a sense of movement.

This romantic pink and purple bouquet not only look beautiful but smells amazing too! – featuring Clematis, Hydrangeas and Wax flower, and for the ultimate aroma a few stems of Mint.

Flor Unikon’s vibrant peach and pink Rose bouquet is delicately framed with lace cut, Senecio Cineraria (Dusty Miller).

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