Birthday Flowers by Flor Unikon

Flowers for birthday gifts by Flor Unikon

The tradition of celebrating birthdays is a world-wide phenomenon for both children and adults alike. Most of us love the mystery and joy of unwrapping birthday gifts but it seems that flowers are still a welcome addition to this special celebration.

Selecting the perfect birthday bouquet/arrangement from Flor Unikon

It is worth considering the taste and life style of the person you are buying flowers for. The following points may help you to order the perfect birthday bouquet:

*Each month has a flower that symbolizes the month of somebody’s birth. The recipient       will appreciate the effort you have made if you select their particular birth flower.

*Contemporary bouquets/arrangements are a good match for young adults/young at heart   and folk who love clean lines, interesting shapes and a minimalist colour palette/variety     of flowers, e.g. ideal for Architects, Fashion and Interior Designers.

*Classic floral designs are still fashionable and can be created using the favourite                     flowers/colours of the recipient, e.g. Roses are ideal as they are available in a wide palette   of colours.

*Wild/Rustic for lovers of the countryside and with a relaxed out look on life.

* Flowers with a scent can enhance the completed floral creation, e.g. Dill and Mint have        subtle but pleasant aromas that may be less allergic than the perfume of Roses and                Lillies.

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