Klaus Haapaniemi with Flor Unikon at the London Design Festival

The London Design Festival brings together an array of artists and designers, some of whom have never had their work exposed in such a public way. For LDF 2014, Flor Unikon was invited by the Finnish Ambassador to create a series of Floral designs to sit alongside the work of Finnish Designer, Klaus Haapaniemi.

Since 2010 Klaus has been successfully selling his work from his chic showroom in Shoreditch, East London. Like many Finnish artists/designers he draws inspiration from nature; this is evident from his collection of beautifully illustrated fabrics.

Flor Unikon’s Floral Designer, Pasi Jokinen-Carter, carefully selected the flower varieties, and their textures and colours with an aim that each of his designs should blend harmoniously with Klaus’s fabrics.

Pasi wanted each arrangement to be naturalistic, simple and to be admired for their beauty.

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