‘Fleur Amour’ Alden Beisen, September 2013

On a sunny weekend in September we embarked on a Floristry pilgrimage to ‘Fleur Amour’, an annual floral exhibition hosted by Belgian’s Cultural Centre, Alden Beisen. Set in the Flemish village of Rijkhoven, Alden Beisen, a 16th century turreted castle, is a magical setting for this highly creative event.

Willow stems and Gladiolus formed into turreted designs and placed on a shell-like base [above].

We were very impressed by the scale and creativity of each design. Some exhibits filled entire rooms. Others were small enough to be placed on tables or chairs. Was it possible that the castle had cast a ‘creativity’ spell on each designer? Spell or no spell, many of the fantastical arrangements delighted and inspired us to create our own ‘floristry’ magic.

These stems appear to have been placed into a block of ice – making this a chic wintery design [above]; From winter to Spring – flower filled egg shells and floating mini apples [below].

This magical woodland seat would be an ideal objet for a fairytale wedding. We love the way the fruits and flowers frame and cascade across the tree stumps [below].

Gloriosa drawn across a wooden web frame the castle grounds beautifully [below].

A fairy-like forest of Silver Birch and miniature apples [below].

A floral window frames the magical chair garden [below].

A fashion statement of Roses, Amaranthus and Bells of Ireland [above]; Hydrangea dress [below].

Two very different approaches to Floral design, The Designer’s Guild floral tribute [above]; Flower horseshoe [below].

These floral domes and garlands add grace and style to the castle’s grand chapel [below].

This Harvest design filled the entire breadth and width of one of the castle’s guest rooms [below].

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