The Affordable Art Fair – Hampstead, June 2013

During a few sunny days in the middle of June a corner of Hampstead Heath was transformed in to a pop-up gallery that delighted both the young and mature art enthusiast.

The Garden

We created a stunning garden and floral display for the third Affordable Art Fair in North London.  Our brief was – an elegant garden with larger blooms to create a colourful setting against the grey carpet and giant sculptures on display.

Verbena, Digitalis [Fox Glove], and Primula Vialli graced the main entrance.  And amongst the cool sculptures [below] we placed [left] Euonymus and Solanum [right] Pink Verbena, Spanish Daisy and Fuchsia with ivy.

Wine Bar Decoration for Laithwaites Wines

Avalanche Roses, Gladioli, Thistles, and Aliums decorated the central bars to great effect.

The Artists:

What we really love about The Affordable Art Fair is the cross section of styles and art mediums across each gallery. The AAF arena is a great opportunity for both up and coming and well established artists to display their work to a relaxed and appreciatative audience.

Kristy Mitchell draws inspiration from the stories and belief in wonder that she felt as a child. And her passion for design means that each image includes costumes, props and sets – all personally crafted, to create a photographic masterpiece.  We really were wowed by her magical and mystical collection of photographs.

Dean Melbourne describes his work as melodramatic, theatrical and epic and adds that his images lie somewhere between reading and book and watching a film. We certainly feel that his ‘The Fall of the Majestic Elk’ captures the drama of a hunt set against the background of a grand operatic stage.

Beckie Reed famous for her layered technique, e.g. high glossed tree trunks, fluid branches, and dappled light to create beautiful and naturalistic paintings.

Andrew Painter has created a collection of comical and fun images that surely can’t fail to draw a smile.

Jacky Tsai is probably more famously known for his iconic floral skull created for Alexander McQueen’s menswear collection. The combination of flowers and a human skull may seem bizarre but we believe this is a thought provoking sculpture that will have both critics and fans pondering over for years to come.

George Maraziotis comments that his passion for art keeps him alive and a way of fighting death. His themes are about communication, the importance of travelling and new experiences, remembrance, pain and loneliness. We personally feel that all of these themes have been beautifully captured in his painting ‘Theofania’.

Karen Silve’s ‘Market 33′ was one of the most lively paintings at the Fair. We love the playful and happy textured colours.

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