Nature Recycling at The Affordable Art Fair, March 2011

Flor Unikon at the Affordable Art Fair (AAF), Battersea Park – March 2011

We have had the honour again to decorate the external and internal spaces at the AAF in Battersea. The theme for this year’s fair was ‘recycling’ and interpreting this with our own creative spin we designed a series of buildings and models, entitled ‘Nature Recycling’.

Visitors were encouraged to use their own imagination and discover a world where nature has thrived, out of harm from the dominant hand of humanity; and to identify three famous London landmarks amongst the general planting, i.e. the London Eye, Battersea Power Station and the city’s Gherkin. 

For many of our customers and followers it won’t come as a surprise that as with most of our decorative installations we mostly use natural materials in our constructions and decorations. The same applied to the garden installations for AAF, e.g. we used twigs, moss, leaves for the main construction and planted forsythia, jasmine and primroses to create some colour and texture. As you can see from the images the finished pieces are impressive in terms of their size and the imagination used in their creation.

By the time we came to decorate the internal public areas our imaginations had gone rather wild. We revamped mannequin heads and bodies to create some disturbing, glamorous and highly creative works of art.

The positive comments we have received help to demonstrate that our wonderful creative team can produce a variety of work -  from classic bouquets to large scale installations that wouldn’t look out of place at the galleries of the Tate Modern.

We were also please to have attended the opening of the spring collection and feel we must mention a few artists and galleries that displayed some very inspiring work:

Bobbie Russon from the Bo Lee Gallery,, whose style reminds us of the dark world creativity of Paula Rego; Julia Needham from the Woodbine Contemporary Arts,, rather wonderful collage style that captures the surreal world of fairy tales; Maisie Broadhead from Sarah Myerscough Fine Art,, has some subtle humour in her work; the fantasy style work of Lucy Campbell from the Frames Gallery, ; and finally Stephen Penders, from Sol Art,, his work is visually interesting but menacing too.

     work by Flor Unikon

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2 Responses to Nature Recycling at The Affordable Art Fair, March 2011

  1. Amanda Lucas says:

    I love it!!!!! WOW!!!! Pasi, Paul and the team at Flor Unikon never fail to disappoint. I am a great fan, whether it be a bunch of Tulips from their Amwell Street based workshop or seeing a elaborate design as showcased at the art fair. Their work is very unique, imaginative, innovative and always a pleasure on the eye.

  2. jotta says:

    Great post! If you’re interested in reading interviews with artists from the DEVOUR exhibition at the fair, visit

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