Flor Unikon at The Affordable Art Fair – Battersea Park, March 2013

Flor Unikon’s collaboration with The Affordable Art Fair

The London Affordable Art Fair [AAF] has become a popular tri-annual cultural event for art lovers of all ages. It is incredible to believe that the very first AAF fair began in Battersea in 1999 and now in 2013 it has a presence in fourteen cities, across four continents. Flor Unikon has collaborated with the fabulous London AAF team, now for the eighth season, to create an external garden and a variety of interior floral creations. The front entrance at the Battersea Fair has historically been an extension of the interior galleries featuring sculptures and contemporary seating. Our aim has always been to create an inviting and sympathetic space for visitors/potential buyers to relax, dine and socialise.

Inspiration for the ‘Urban garden’

For this season we took inspiration from AAF’s educational theme, ‘The Colour and the Shape’, i.e. an exploration of the pattern and symbols in art. We used a variety of bright colours, shapes, textures and mediums in the formation of our ‘Urban Garden’ i.e. – a miniature pond and stream with stones, floating petals and trailing ivy, lively garden beds of Primulas, herbs, Ardisia, Euonymus and Laurel.

Interior floral decoration

We created two tall installations for the front hall ticket office and information desk, aptly named ‘Topsy turvy garden’ – e.g. we hung white amaryllis upside down on four sides of a pedestal, and topped and tailed each planting space with the wild planting of Wax flowers and Veburnum.

Laithwaite’s wines also invited us back to decorate their two temporary bars; keeping in mind their pink and green logo we created two grand arrangements ‘Anemonie forest’ featuring purple Aliums, pink Anemonies, Wax flower and greenery and ten miniatures for the poser tables.

As usual the feedback from staff and visitors has been incredibly warm and positive which in turn has spurred us on to create even more incredible displays for future AAF events.

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