‘Head to Toe’ fashion designs at Craft Central

Craft Central, www.craftcentral.org.uk has just re-launched its gallery space to great effect with an exciting exhibition of contemporary millinery and shoe designs.  ’Head to Toe’ is an amazing showcase of designers who have created impressive sculptural forms and designs, using very innovative materials including – perspex, kimono fabric, and cotton reels to traditional fabrics such as – wood, leather, silk and felt.

We were asked to decorate the exhibition rooms in the simplest way possible so that the viewing eye wouldn’t be distracted from the main exhibits. We chose white Amarylis displayed in black vases to create a calm and natural ambience.

Our vase of Amarylis and this chic chapeaux of lily shaped flowers, [see above], complement each other brilliantly.

The ‘Bob’ styled black felt hat in the foreground conjures up for us the 60′s world of Mary Quant.

Hailee Drew has created an interesting installation, ‘Ara’, [above left]. We love the way each mirror reflects small sections of the hats and shoes on display. The creepy but chic hats created by Martina Bohn, www.martinabohn.com [above right] have been aptly titled, ‘Scorpion Cocktail’, ‘Spider Cocktail’ and ‘Grasshopper Beret’ respectively.

We adore ‘Cotton Reel’ shoes by Hetty Rose, www.hettyrose.co.uk created from Japanese kimono fabric, leather and cotton reels!!

‘Thorn Tiara’ by Bailey Tomlin [above picture], www.baileytomlin.com really stood out for us, not just in terms of design but by the way its thorns cast biblical shadows on to the show stand.

This exhibition has been very cleverly curated and assembled and ties in beautifully with 2013′s London Fashion Week.

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