Valentine’s Day – Courting a romance

Centuries ago lovers wooed their sweet hearts by writing messages on tree trunks. We don’t suggest that you vandalise trees in this way but do recommend our collection of flowers, candles, cards and bark hearts to set the scene on Valentine’s day or any romantic occasion.

Whether you have a young or established romance your beloved will surely appreciate the most simple of gestures such as cooking their favourite food, setting the table with lighted candles and placing petals or flowers as a centre piece.

Sending Flowers to a loved one doesn’t have to be restricted to standard red roses, commonly associated with love and romance. We love to be creative with colours, textures and styles. Purple’s and pinks can be equally romantic; where as cream’s and white’s suggest love with purity and preciousness.

An illustrated card with a meaningful message can also demonstrate the depth of our love to that special person in our life. We have designed a beautiful collection of floral and heart themed cards for this purpose; with blank pages inside for writing that romantic poem or prose.

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