Christmas Decorations for 2012/13

The Flor Unikon collection of Christmas Decorations

The materials

Working with natural materials makes up the fabric of our design work. For this season we gathered a variety of twisted bark and twigs to decorate the windows and ceiling of our workshop. All provided a magical backdrop for our handcrafted decorations such as stars made from silver birch bark and curtain like panels for our windows.

The Star of Bethlehem seemed to be an appropriate flower to decorate our windows. It has a long stem and star-like flower – making it feel very majestic and delicate at the same time.

Christmas table decorations

We create the majority of our decorations from a variety of Christmas tree species, selecting the finest branches that are both durable and lush, to ensure the longevity of each creation.

The voluminous blooms of the Amarylis flower and the curly stems of willow are ideal for decorating grand displays.

Advent Decorations

Our Advent decorations are usually a sell out and so to keep up with demand we have now started production of our new collection.

Christmas crafts at Flor Unikon

The variety and volume of work we produce in our workshop in Clerkenwell is truly amazing. At this time of year our work bench contains an array of materials used for decorating, anything from nobilis branches to nuts and berries. And all to produce something beautiful such as our famous nobilis wreath, candle arrangements, and hand-crafted Christmas trees.

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