The Affordable Art Fair, Autumn Season – The build and opening

The Build

Take one marquee to an open piece of land, in this case Battersea Park and Hampstead Heath, lay carpets and electric cables, plumb in water and toilets, and create long corridors of gallery space. This is the recipe for creating the art space, the Affordable Art Fair that we have come to love. And of course it takes a lot of people to get this project off the ground, some are keen volunteers, others are sponsors and the rest are part of Will’s Art Warehouse team, the founders of the Art Fair.

Many of our external creations transferred to Hampstead directly from Battersea. The careful storage and handling of each creation meant there very few minor repairs and adjustments. The feedback from the visitors has been tremendous; they particularly love the glamorous magical bed and the wacky spotty chair.

Floral and Plant Decoration

For Hampstead we decorated the ticket office to great effect with flowing and curly stems to create an interesting and inspirational set of artistic arrangements.

For the wine bar we created decorations that were elegant but natural to represent the sophisticated but very organic Laithwaites brand.

The Opening

Will of Wills Art Warehouse shared the opening of the Hampstead Fair with two celebrities, Journalist/TV presenter Melvyn Bragg and impressionist John Culshaw. The latter was highly entertaining, cleverly mimicking the posh tones of Boris Johnson, who in character announced the opening of the second Hampstead Affordable Art Fair.

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