The Artists at the Affordable Art Fair – Hampstead, November 2012

Autumn Fair at Hampstead

This is the second fair at Hampstead and it is proving to be as equally as popular as its sister fair in Battersea. It was great to re-discover artists from last year’s show and meet a few new people too.

The Works

David Gista’s, ‘Pipe Hats’ appears to be a representation of Victorian men, some taking isolatory refuge in the mists and others casting momentary glances at each other, passing time. We were pleased to re-discover the work of Sophia Derrick and interestingly the painting that struck us most was ‘Re-found’.

It was also a pleasure to meet up with artist Martin Langford again. Represented by the Kaleidoscope gallery he is exhibiting some new and familiar works. The ‘Frown’ is particularly striking for its monochrome and comic strip appeal.

The dreams of Abigail Whittacker feature quite heavily in her art work. Most certainly her ‘You are not only something that is mine, you are me, myself’ feels very Jungian in its dreamlike/nightmare state. Also intriguing is the sculpture ‘Grounded’ by Patrick Haines. Traditionally the ‘Dragonfly’ has taken on the meaning of a deeper discovery about life. Does this fairy-like creature resting on the bible represent the spiritual discovery/development of mankind??

The entertainment

The Halloween season is of course upon us and this was reflected in the entertainment on preview evening.  Zombies, Mythological Greek figures and a large than life (on stilts) Miss Haversham, wandered the gallery corridors, shocking and amusing us in equal measure.

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