The Artists at the Affordable Art Fair – Battersea, October 2012

Autumn Fair at Battersea

As usual there was a fantastic collection of works, some from artists we have come across from previous art fairs, and others completely new to the scene and to us also. Here is a selection of artists and their work that touched us and in most cases inspired us.

The works

The people featured in these two paintings by Tristan Reid ‘Butterfly III’ and Carl Melegari, ‘Varinius’ appear to be in a deep reflection. For us they evoke a strong sense of isolation in each character that is enhanced by the choice of stark colours.

In contrast the works by Claudio Castelo, ‘Ladies and Gentleman’ and Ray Caesar, ‘Night Call Study’ appear to be frivolous and sexy – the former seems to illustrate a undercurrent of resentment and malice amongst polite society; where as the latter, a sex siren, appears to be charged with attitude and not afraid to express who she is.  We also adored the comical tryptic, ‘Silvia’ by recent graduate Esmerelda Dominquez Pueyo. We look forward to seeing more from this expressive artist.

There were plenty of contemporary delights, including the oil painting, ‘Progressive Love’ by Tamara Robinson that we presume captures the dynamics of love, highs and lows etc; and then the incredible elementary physical structure,’Histos v’, by Lucy Carty made from nylon stockings, resin and acrylic lacquer. Lucy is truly passionate about her artistic process and we felt privileged to meet her.

Finally, a selection of work from recent graduate, David Macadiarmid ‘Super Cosy Comos’ that we felt looks so cosy that you want to touch it; and the established Italian artist,Gelindo Baron. We feel very passionately drawn to his work; and finally Antonio Lopez Reche, whose work we have come across in previous art fairs. He continues to surprise us with his mythological and rather sexy bronze figures.

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