Affordable Art Fair [AAF], Battersea Park, 24th-28th October

Season Seven

As in previous seasons we were given a lot of freedom by the AAF team to transform the external and interior spaces into a colourful setting for the exhibitors and visitors alike.

We drew inspiration for this event by the discovery of many domestic objects lying abandoned in and around Islington – a question began to formulate and put us in a creative spin of ideas and plans – “How would it be if we could transform these every day objects, that others have left for rubbish, into objects of beauty and works of art?” Here are the results:


‘Berry tale bed’ a single bed, painted gold and adorned with autumn leaves, given a cosy mattress of ivy, and a hot duvet of berries.

‘Apple Tech’ a computer bursting forth with juicy polished crab apples and autumnal leaves, with the coating painted bright purple and blue; ‘The seat of autumn’ a soft chair furnished with a coat of seasonal coloured leaves/apples, with the wooden sections painted in a 60′s two tone effect; ‘Berries on the shelf’ an old office unit painted gold and stuffed with branches laden with red berries; and ‘Autumn fire’ an old oil fire, oozing blue and purple paint and stuffed with autumn leaves and apples.

‘Forest dining’ – a harvest of berries, grass, eucalyptus, heather, cyclamen and reflected by mirrors decorated with leaves, nobilis and twigs.

Finally, more chairs: ‘Spotty chair’ a tatty wooden seat given a painted make over with purple spots and blue background; ‘Cabbage prayers’ again two scruffy chairs, but with cute hymn book holders, painted shabby chic gold and planted with petit cabbage plants.

Whether you see the ‘live’ display at Battersea, or the retrospective array in this blog, we hope you enjoy them as much as we had fun making them.

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