Christmas time

Wreaths and even more wreaths

Judging by the number of wreaths we have designed and created this year this traditional Christmas decoration


 appears to be very  much back in fashion.

Our wreath making workshops have also been very popular this year.  Early November saw our first workshop of the season with a Danish contingent. Anyone with Danish friends and colleagues will know that they love to socialise with style.  Therefore we were not surprised when the participants arrived armed with bottles of champagne and luxury chocolates. In between mouthfuls of coco heaven, washed down with bubbly, our delegates got on very well with decorating their individual wreaths. Such a lively experience for everyone to the extent that we found ourselves flagging down taxis so that  everyone could meet their transport connections beyond Clerkenwell.One of our later workshops had a very international set from as far as Japan, to Finland, France, Belgium and the UK. They were another fun crowd who really got in to some serious decoration – grabbing sparkles, twigs and berries from all corners of our workshop. One delegate decorated her wreath so beautifully, she swore that it was her first attempt to do so, that she became the envy of other students who proceeded to grab even more sparkles, berries etc to make their own look even prettier than their rival’s. With outstretched arms bearing their completed creations our delegates departed, looking rather like an army of kings from the biblical orient. However instead of following ‘yonder star’ they marched along Amwell Street. We would have loved to have seen the reactions of passers-by as a procession of wreaths made its way towards Kings Cross station. Amwell Street Shopping Safari, Monday 6th December

The Amwell Steet late night shopping evening is an annual event whereby most businesses are open until 9pm. This is a great opportunity for us traders to tempt our customers away from the hectic metropolis of London’s West end and patronise our businesses by offering them seasonal refreshments and shopping discounts.

A few weeks prior to this event us traders encouraged our customers and visitors to purchase a book of shopping vouchers. Each voucher entitled the shoppper to special discounts on the night along with free wine and seasonal snacks from each

at the workshop

 of the particpating businesses.  It was a heartwarming sight to see herds of people entering each shop and then departing towards the next. This was our aim and it worked very well.

During a brief quiet spell we did a tour to see how our neighbours were faring with the crowds. It was interesting to see the same faces appearing wherever we did; were their flushed complexions embarrassment at being seen with another glass of..? or was that simply the cause and effect of several mulled wines?!

We were very merrily toasted by Mr and Mrs Santa Claus. Both were ensconced

Clerkenwell punk choir

 outside the French deli, L’Eicerie. We rather think that Santa was enjoying himself rather too much when Mrs C wasn’t looking.  Arriving back at our workshop we were greeted by the voices of Clerkenwell’s very own punk choir; they sounded great. Let’s hope they become a regular feature of our wonderful Christmas shopping event.

44 Amwell Street

Christmas wreath workshop

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