‘Looking Good, Feeling Great’ at the Croydon Park Hotel (August 2012) with Sandra Hutton-Miller

Croydon Television presenter/Stylist Guru, Sandra Hutton-Miller was joined by Fiona Coppard, from Smart Nutrition and Weight Management www.smart-nutrition.biz and Make-up Artist, Reshma Khan www.reshmakhan.co.uk to create a brand new episode of ‘Looking Good, Feeling Great’.

Dressing for the board-room, dinner, relaxing at home, and for the boudoir were today’s styling themes. Our models were beautifully made up and henna tattooed by Reshma and styled to suit the occasion by Sandra.

Fiona bravely bared not just her own experiences relating to health, but also her body, wearing some of the skimpiest and sexiest of outfits; but to quote the famous Kenny Everett line “But all in the best possible taste”.  And as always, the magic wand of Ms Sandra Hutton-Miller brought a touch of glamour to today’s styling.

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