Seasonal flowers by Flor Unikon



Working with flowers and plants everday means that one becomes in tune with the seasonal changes. During the winter months we decorate with a variety of Amaryllis, Tulips, Lilacs etc. Now is the time to begin planning flowers for your wedding and deciding on the blooms for the garden or window boxes for the spring.

Ranunculus Handtied

flowers in jar
Meakin vintage jar

Flowers in green
vintage jar

Spring flowers
Bouquet with



Syringa and
Viburnum bouquet

Christmas wreath with Birch tree, Scandinavian design
Natural seasonal



We are proud to present three pretty signature creations, in limited edition vintage-ware.  Please note these filled jars can only be purchased directly from our workshop in person or by telephone for delivery to London postcodes.

In the main picture we have used vintage jars with seasonal flowers.