Flor Unikon Gardening and Garden   maintenance in London


We offer a full gardening service for small patios to grand scale planting; and can advise on sourcing plants and the care and conditions for planting.

We also offer a free on-site consultation to assess what you require.




Our new window boxes are made for order in many colours and sizes. Standard sizes are 60cm x 20cm x 20cm, 80 x 20 x 20, 100 x 20 x 20 and 120cm x 20cm x 20cm, but we can make them bespoke  for your need.



Based on your specific requirements we will advise on planting, and if applicable, offer suggestions for re-designing the space, conducting the work, install a watering system and offer a maintenance contract if required.
We can also advise on the specific plants and flowers that contain natural healing and medicinal properties so that you can plant your own healing garden.
Please call our workshop for more details, 020 7837 3233.

Healing Plants:
(IV) Fennel: contains minerals and vitamins B3, iron and magnesium. Vitamin C from the bulb boosts the immune system and its fibres can reduce cholesterol levels. It contains potasium which helps to reduce high blood pressure. Inhaling the steam produced from boiling the leaves can ease asthma and bronchitis. Fennel tea can help alleviate coughing.


(III) Lavender, dried flowers: relaxation, insomnia and stress reduction; beneficial for digestive disorders, headaches; mood enhancer. Lavender vinegar: treating colds and flu and perfect for rheumatic massage. Lavender oil: scalp massage - can strengthen hair roots and is used in perfumes Mixed with sunflower oil it becomes an insectiside and body protection against insects and used as an antiseptic.


(II) Parsley: has more vitamin C than oranges/lemons or any other fruit. It also contains large quantities of vitamin B and E, beta-carotene, iron. Parsley boosts the immune system, with positive effects on body functions: liver, spleen, digestion; eliminates toxins maintains healthy blood vessels; it is also an antiseptic. Parsley can help neutralize addictions: cigarettes and alcohol.


(I) Chamomile - this has calming, disinfecting and antiseptic benefits, amongst others. It is used for internal eliminations such as colonics; the gentle action on the bowels has very postitive effects on the body and mind. More commonly it is used for tea infusions. Teas infused with Chamomile make great bed time drinks and so perfect for insomniacs or someone suffering with stress.