Corporate Flowers

by Flor Unikon

Reception flowers in London 

Businesses who invest in fresh floral arrangements and plant reap the benefits in more ways than we can possibly describe on this page, but a few are:


* reception flowers - warm and uplifting for staff and visitors
* front of house decoration - creates a positive impression to new clients
* office flowers and plants - calm working environment
* plants in the work place - detoxify the air space from elements created by photocopiers and printers

Muscari bowl Flowers for business Apple bowl Phalaenopsis-Menta Flowers for business Antirrhinum


flowers for business Anthurium flowers for business  white Calla flowers for business Roses flowers for business Fritillaria



We can also create natural floral/plant installations for product launches, art exhibitions, conferences, team building and corporate networking events.


Our clients include Affordable Art Fair, Anglo Belgian Society, Cancer Research, Craft Central, Creative Clerkenwell, Deutche Bank, Dove, Finnish Embassy, Finnish British Chamber of Commerce, Kudos Television, Nokia, Parliament, Pride Magazine, Replay, Rodnik Band, Rolling Stones, Royal Family, Ruby Films, School of Life, Shed Media, Shine Productions, St Pancras - Renaissance Hotel, Travel Writer's Guild.